19th International Conference
on Digital Audio Effects
September 5–9, 2016
Brno, Czech Republic

Venue and Social Event Information

The main Conference Venue - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT

The main venue for DAFx16 is Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication at Technická 12, Brno in the campus of the Brno University of Technology. Information about public transport is available at the Travel page. All tutorials, oral and poster presentation sessions, lunches, and coffee breaks will take place in the building H and G.

Map of conference location, Map of building, Map of conference venue

Brno University of Technology DAFx16 Conference Hall


Brno University of Technology logo

About Brno University of Technology

On 19th September 1899 the Austrian Emperor and Hungarian King Franz Joseph 1 signed a decree bringing into existence The Czech Technical University in Brno. This was the first Czech higher education institution in Moravia.

For the period 2009–2016 the Brno University of Technology has been awarded the European Commission’s prestigious ECTS and DS Label certificates, issued in recognition of quality higher education. It became an important centre of teaching and research, greatly enriching the life of Czech society, a role that it has continued to play down to the present.

In the course of more than 110 years it has matured into an internationally recognized institution offering a cutting-edge education based on the latest scientific and professional knowledge delivered at eight faculties and Institute of Forensic Engineering, covering a broad spectrum of fields ranging from technical and scientific disciplines through economics to the arts. At the present time BUT has 23,000 students, 8 faculties and 3 university institutes.

Brno University of Technology website


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About Signal Processing Laboratory

The SPLab research group is a part of the Brno University of Technology and is involved in the fundamental and applied research in the fields of audio, image, video and text processing. The Acoustic Signal Processing group is interested in the processing of single- and multi-channel audio signals from the pickup and analysis through modification, transmission to reproduction.

The group has achieved the greatest success in the design and implementation of digital audio effects, real-time signal processors and personal computers on Windows and MacOS. In this area there is an extensive cooperation with foreign companies. The lessons learned are now being used to develop algorithms and software for analyzing audio signals and acoustic fields in real time. In cooperation with industry a hardware platform and software of a modular multi-channel digital sound system were created allowing the configuration, implementation and management of algorithms for digital processing of audio signals in real time via the Internet. This system is modified for use in embedded devices, and its own audio interface with high-quality sound parameters is currently being developed. In the field of sound analysis, we focus on measuring and evaluating the noise of equipment and environment, identification of noise sources, visualization of sound fields, measurement of electroacoustic transducers, measurement of acoustic spaces, measuring audio and other equipment, etc.

Laboratories of The Acoustic Signal Processing Group



Monday: Welcome Reception - Technical Museum in Brno

The Monday Welcome Reception will take place in the Technical Museum in Brno at Purkyňova 105, Brno in The Mechanic Music Parlor and The Handicrafts Lane expositions. The reception will include a guided tour of The Mechanic Music Parlor exposition and presentation of some instruments. This is an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues, collaborators, friends and like-minded people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. For your convenience there will be a buffet offering complimentary drinks and snacks and you can enjoy draft beer in the historic pub. The reception will be open from 18:00.

The Technical Museum in Brno is in walking distance from the conference venue (850 m, see map below). Alternatively, you can use tram line no. 12 from TECHNOLOGICKÝ PARK (see Travel page for details) to TECHNICKÉ MUZEUM.

All DAFx16 participants are allowed to visit the Technical Museum during the conference days for free!

Map of conference location

Mechanic Music Parlor, The Technical Museum in Brno. Mechanic Music Parlor, The Technical Museum in Brno. Handicrafts Lane - pub, The Technical Museum in Brno.


Technical Museum in Brno logo

About Technical Museum in Brno

The Technical museum in Brno is the largest technical museum in Moravia. The permanent expositions of the Technical Museum in Brno present the development of science and technology.

Exhibitions: The time above and around, Historical stereovision, Historic vehicles, Cabinet of electron microscopy, Metal-founding, The culture of the visually impaired, The aircraft history and plastic modelling, Cutlery, From the tom-toms to the internet, Steam engines, Mechanic music parlor, The Handicrafts Lane, Water engines and the monument of Viktor Kaplan, Ferrous Metallurgy, The Technical Game-room

The Technical Museum in Brno website, reviews on the Tripadvisor


Tuesday: Evening Concert - Orlí Street Theatre

The Tuesday evening concert will take place in the Orlí Street Theatre. The concert will be performed by Pacora Trio. The reception will be opened from 18:00, with the main programme starting at 19:00. During the reception, DAFx participants can visit the recording studio of the Orlí Street Theatre.

The Orlí Street Theatre is in the city centre. From the conference venue, you can use tram line no. 12 from TECHNOLOGICKÝ PARK (see Travel page for details) to ŠILINGROVO NÁMĚSTÍ and then walk through the city centre (8 min, see map below).

Orli Street Theatre Orlí Street Theatre. Orlí Street Theatre.


Orli Street Theatre logo

About Orlí Street Theatre

Orlí Street Theatre / Musically Dramatic Lab is a new theatre venue of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. It contains a high-tech workplace with stage technology, especially sound and lighting allowing students to prepare for professional careers in an environment corresponding to the current world trends. It primarily serves the student musical theatre – opera and musical.

It offers the cultural life in Brno a variable stage for youthful art, while the contemporary architectural appearance of the city has acquired this contribution of a filled gap from the times of WW2, the modern building designed by Brno architects Pavel Rada and Milan Rak. The construction began in 2010 and was completed in autumn 2012.

Orlí Street Theatre website Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno website

Short Tour to Brno City Centre

Before the evening concert you can go on a short tour round the city center. A historical tram takes you from the terminal stop TECHNOLOGICKÝ PARK near the conference building (see Travel page for details) to the city center. The tram was made in Královopolská strojírna Brno in the 40s and had been used until 1970. On your way you will pass three big Brno theatres including the National Theatre Brno which was as the first theatre in Europe fully illuminated by electricity. After getting off the tram you can take a walk through the city centre around St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral and other cultural sites of Brno. he tour will finish at about 18:00 at the Orlí Street Theatre, the place of the concert.

Unfortunately, the capacity of the historical tram is limited, the DAFx participants have to register for the tour on Tuesday during the first coffee break!

Historical tram No.99


Orli Street Theatre logo

About Brno

Brno is the heart of South Moravia and the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, with a population of almost 400,000. Brno blends rich history with modernity and innovation. The Moravian capital is a city of universities, a business hub and a great place to stay. It is a city of galleries, museums, cafés, clubs and festivals. Do not forget to try the traditional cuisine, beer and wine. The city offers a wide selection of entertainment and experiences to suit the taste of every visitor. Dominant sights of the city include Spilberk castle and fortress and St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral.

Brno Tourist Information Portal

Wednesday: Conference Dinner - Winery "U Kapličky"

The DAFx-16 banquet will be held in the Winery "U Kapličky" in the village of Zaječí, 45 km south from Brno. Busses will leave from parking lot next to the conference venue (see map) at 18:00.

Winery U Kaplicky Winery U Kaplicky. Winery U Kaplicky.


Winery U Kaplicky

About Winery "U Kapličky"

Family Winery "U Kapličky" as founded in 2005 and is focused on the production of quality wines from grapes grown in their own vineyards. Wine- yards are spread on the area of less than 100 ha in south-eastern, southern and southwestern slopes of wineyards U Kapličky, Plochovy, Kalvárie, Novomlýnský svah, Nová hora and Růžový vrch in the village of Zaječí in Velkopavlovicko subregion.

Winery area connecting the vineyards, processing capacity, restaurant, wine bar, tasting representational room and facilities for organizing various events including a comfortable house was built in Zaječí by Rostislav Žďárský. The first wine was produced at this winery in 2006. The original plan to build a small winery resulted in the company with a capacity of 300,000 bottles per year and nearly hundred hectares of its own vineyards managed the integrated production system. White wines are processed in stainless steel tanks controlled fermentation technology, red wines are first processed in vinificators and then matured in oak barrels.

Winery "U Kaplicky" website, Wineyards of South Moravia.


Thursday: Visit to Richard Brewery

For those who are interested we prepared a visit of the brewery "Richard" on the outskirts of Brno. he bus will leave from the parking lot next to the conference venue (see map) at 16:30 and takes you back at 18:30 to the tram station ČESKÁ near to the city center where you can join the others and continue downtown.

Unfortunately, the capacity of the tour to brewery is limited, the participants have to register for the tour on Thursday during the first coffee break!


About Richard Brewery

Richard is a natural unfiltered and unpasteurized Czech lager brewed of the finest raw materials using traditional method, which is a reminder of how the beer tasted in the past. Four types of beer are brewed: wheat beer (weissbier), red ale, lager, and dark lager. The tour includes tasting of beer at various stages of its production.


Visit to Brno

Those who want to experience the evening/night in Brno can join visit local pubs and bars. We will meet at 18:00 at the tram stop TECHNOLOGICKÝ PARK (see Travel page for details) and go by tram to the ČESKÁ stop (see map below) close to the city center. Here you can choose typical Czech pubs with Pilsen beer, local pubs with beer from small breweries, bars with a huge selection of drinks and more!


Friday: Sightseeing Tour of Prague

Enjoy the fascinating tour of Prague, the city with a thousand years of history. The transportation takes you to the Prague Castle, which has been for centuries the seat of our Princes, Kings, Presidents. It is like a textbook of architecture. Then you walk down the Old Castle steps and the tour continues across the Charles Bridge. You will discover narrow, cobbled streets, charming squares of the Old Town. The highlight of this stroll will be the Old Town Square, which is the heart of the city. Enjoy its famous Astronomical Clock that dates back to the 15th century.


After the tour, the minibus takes you to Florenc bus station to catch the bus back to Brno at 16:30. After that the minibus can take you to the Prague Airport. The expected arrival to the airport is between 17:00 and 17:30, depending on the traffic.

The fee for the tour has to be paid on site. Please register at the registration desk on Monday and Tuesday if you are interested in the tour.

The Official Tourist Website for Prague


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